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The Goddess Within was founded by Hilary Eldridge, a Chicago-based jewelry designer, in 2004. Combining a clear artistic sense with a passion for understanding the healing qualities of the gems she uses, Eldridge creates pieces that touch the inner goddess in each person.

Her interest in crystals, minerals and the metaphysical properties of precious stones began as a young girl. Over the years, she carefully studied the energies the stones emit and the unique qualities they represent. Eldridge also took several classes in metalsmithing, but never found time to focus on her passion.

It was time she needed and time the universe delivered her. She began making jewelry during a recovery period from a broken foot, which forced her stillness. During this time, she found her focus and the energy flowed. Eldridge channeled her love for design and understanding of the elements into creating truly unique works of art.

Eldridge has created pieces for goddesses championing their victories and for those struggling with illness and emotional issues. Her jewelry celebrates the pride, honor and strength of women fulfilling their dreams. It also supports the healing of a multitude of issues by creating a wearable reminder – a reminder that each of us is beautiful and each of us is loved.



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