reference guide

AGATE : (grey blue, brown, red, yellow)

  • Considered a protective and good luck stone throughout ancient history
  • Helps to promote inner clarity and protection from outside influences
  • A wonderful stone during pregnancy
  • Provides protection for children

AMAZONITE : (green, blue-green)

  • Helps to support matters relating to the heart due to grief
  • Has a calming effect, balancing mood swings
  • Promotes confidence and a zest for life

AMBER : (light yellow to reddish-brown)

  • Promotes a carefree outlook and encourages self-belief
  • Can bring good luck and joy

AMETHYST : (violet)

  • Promotes ones' spirituality and intuitiveness
  • “To thine ownself be true.”

 AMETRINE : (yellow and violet varied throughout)

  • Very rare and powerful gemstone, as it's a combination of amethyst and citrine
  • Promotes inner peace and harmony to one's soul

AQUAMARINE : (green to light blue)

  • Helps to provide clarity and a sense of peace and well-being
  • Old legends tell of how it changes color to warn of untrue friends

AVENTURINE : (iridescent green)

  • Stimulates dreaming
  • Encourages patience and balance
  • Enhances a sense of humor

AZURITE : (dark blue)

  • Aids in stimulating a sense of justice

CARNELIAN : (red, orange, yellow, brown)

  • One of the oldest protective gemstones in history
  • Encourages helpfulness and a spirit of community

CHALCEDONY (BLUE) : (partly banded white to light blue)

  • Represents the elements of air and water
  • Encourages the wearer to be open and effectively communicate through listening
  • Stimulates a sense of appreciation for all that is living
  • Symbolizes purity

CHALCEDONY (RED) : (deep dark red)

  • Encourages one to stay on their path with strength and determination and realize their dreams

CHAROITE : (grey, violet, pink)

  • Bestows a peaceful calm within
  • Encourages our adaptability to life changes

CHRYSOCOLLA : (green to turquoise blue)

  • The stone of reassurance throughout history
  • Records show that Cleopatra carried one with her everywhere
  • Believed to encourage self-awareness and balance

CITRINE : (yellow)

  • Encourages a love of life
  • Stimulates our desires to seek out into the world
  • Promotes a sense of self confidence and conviction

DIAMOND : (clear, pink, yellow, green, blue)

  • Endows us with clarity
  • Supports our convictions to be true to ourselves without judgment

DUMORTIERITE : (violet blue, brown)

  • Bestows a positive attitude toward life
  • Thought of as the “take it easy” stone.

EMERALD : (varying depths of green)

  • Promotes balance in oneself and a feeling of harmony
  • Enhances friendship, love and unity between partners

FIRE OPAL : (reddish brown, fiery red or orange-yellow)

  • Awakens passions and gives a heightened sense of sexuality

FLUORITE : (clear, yellow, violet, green, and rainbow hues)

  • Known in folklore as the “home of the rainbows” due to it's variation of colors
  • Awakens our “free spirit”
  • Supports our openness to new ideas and all that may be possible

 GARNET : (shades of red, also can be yellow green & black)

  • Considered a very spiritual stone since the Middle Ages
  • Believed to bring light to the darkened soul and hope where there once was none
  • Symbolic of new beginnings and faith in oneself to create new horizons

IOLITE : (violet blue)

  • Helps soothe anxiety and depression by reminding one of life's beauty

JADE : (varied shades of green, can also be violet, yellow and black)

  • Symbolizes the five virtues of humanity: wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage

JASPER : (brown, red, yellow, green)

  • Considered the stone of warriors in the Middle Ages
  • Awakens courage and self-preservation

LABRADORITE : (iridescent gray-blue)

  • Awakens our intuitions
  • Clears illusions showing us our goals and intentions

LAPIS LAZULI : (varying from light blue to deep violet blue)

  • Known as the ‘stone of rulers' throughout ancient history
  • Considered a stone of friendship
  • Encourages dignity, honesty and self-awareness

MALACHITE : (light to dark green marbled or banded)

  • Dedicated to a goddess in various cultures throughout history
  • Represents beauty, sensuality and seduction

MOONSTONE : (white, brownish, some blue hints)

  • Associated with the moon and its feminine energy
  • Believed to be a very powerful healing stone for women
  • Associated with feelings of the heart
  • Promotes fertility
  • Thought to bring luck
  • Used for love “magic”

MOOKAITE : (red-yellow, beige marbled)

  • A combination of red and yellow jasper
  • Promotes good health and well-being
  • Bestows strength

MOSS AGATE : (white to light blue with mossy green inclusions)

  • Helps to support ones effort in breaking long-term addictions

 OBSIDIAN : (black and brown variations sometimes iridescent)

  • Formed when lava rich in silicic acid cools extremely rapidly
  • Known throughout very ancient history
  • Thought of as a mirror that reflects our whole selves, including our shadow
  • Bestows a sense of freedom and acceptance

 ONYX : (black)

  • Encourages self-realization and promotes our self-confidence
  • Used today as a magical stone all over the world

OPAL : (all the colors of the rainbow, iridescent)

  • Considered a good or bad luck stone depending on the culture
  • Believed to bestow joy as well as strengthen our desires and sexuality

PERIDOT : (varying shades of green)

  • Used for warding off evil spirits in the Middle Ages
  • Used to bestow friendship and wisdom

PEARL : (silver, cream, gold, peacock, blue, black)

  • Promote wisdom and contentment within oneself

PIETERSITE : (blue-black with brown flecks)

  • Helps to master periods of chaos and confusion and stay centered and connected

RHODONITE : (pink with dark inclusions)

  • Helps to calm ones emotions during times of life change
  • Bestows spiritual maturity
  • Symbolizes self-realization

ROSE QUARTZ : (pink)

  • Considered a fertility crystal
  • Encourages proper self-love, compassion, romance and an open heart to give and receive love

RUBY : (red)

  • Symbolizes love, passion and vitality

RUTILATED QUARTZ : (transparent with reddish-brown or golden fibers within)

  • Stimulates thinking “out of the box” to endless possibilities

RUBY : (red)

  • Divine love in crystallized form, as it's said to combine Eros, sensual love, and Agape, spiritual love

SAPPHIRE : (blue, yellow and purple-black)

  • Represents the heavens and the sphere of the angels
  • Promotes fidelity and friendship
  • Considered a magical stone

SMOKY QUARTZ : (light to a deep dark brown)

  • Used as a protective stone throughout history, often worn by soldiers
  • Creates a sense of inner calm
  • Considered the classic ‘anti-stress stone'

SODALITE : (dark blue)

  • Promotes creativity and our sense of truth about ourselves.

SUGILITE : (violet)

  • Helps alleviate tension in the soul
  • Provides support during times of sorrow and grief

SUNSTONE : (orange brown iridescent)

  • Promotes self-healing powers
  • Brings back the belief in luck and happiness

TIGER'S EYE : (golden brown)

  • Supports us through difficult phases in life without losing courage

TOPAZ : (golden to dark yellow, light blue, pink, white)

  • Symbolizes the joy of life
  • Supports us in being true to ourselves
  • Encourages a fulfilled emotional life

TOURMALINE : (variations of all colors)

  • Symbolizes wealth
  • Encourages friendship and love

TURQUOISE : (green, light blue to turquoise)

  • Creates awareness that we really are the creators of our own luck
  • Symbolizes beauty
  • Bestows a sense of inner balance and intuition.